Raw materials

Purchasing correct raw materials as per grades and quality standards is a significant part of manufacturing and production process. The company has reliable network to source inputs to meet the time bound requirements of manufacturing process.


Asia Bulk Sacks has tape plants from Lohia Starlinger with Auto-Roto Winders that hold the capability to process 25 metric tons of PP (Polypropylene) granules per day.


Equipped with Shuttle looms from Lohia Starlinger that produces 125,000 meters of fabric per day.


Needle looms with an installed capacity to produce up to four million meters of webbing per month.


Asia Bulk Sacks is capable of supplying both circular and flat fabric that can be laminated depending on client needs up to a maximum width of 2.1 meters.


The company has technologically advanced Flexographic Printing Machine which is capable of printing up to three colours.

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The company produces 5 million big bags per annum ranging from standard builder bags to complicated Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers.


An ISO certified company, quality is a priority at Asia Bulk Sacks. We maintain completely equipped inhouse laboratory consisting all ultramodern apparatus, with load testing rig. The company does not compromise on quality levels at any stage of production and all products are tested to make sure they meet international standards.


Packing and dispatch are equally important parts of the production process. FIBCs packed in perfectly shaped bales/pallets with marking on minimum 2 opposite sides.